Snooker & Billiards Tournaments by Date


28th-1st April ABSA Open Billiards

29th-30th Otaki 50+ Pairs (Winners Brian Harrod/Chris Hudson)

29th-30th Wanganui Snooker

7th-9th Bay Of Plenty Open Snooker R

14th-15th CCBSA "C" Grade Snooker - Winner:Kerry Puata

17th-29th Oceania Snooker & Billiards

21st-22nd CCBSA "B" Grade Billiards (Petone WMC) - Winner: Tony Geerders

10th-12th ClubsNZ 60+ Handicap Snooker (Hamilton)

11th-12th Barton McGill Snooker R

11th-12th Regional "A" Grade Billiards R Winner: Zac Guja

18th-19th NZ Seniors Snooker (Wellington)

18th-19th Fastfit Classic Snooker (Christchurch) R

25th-26th CCBSA "B" Grade Snooker

2nd-3rd Whitestone Classic Snooker (Oamaru) R

10th-16th ClubsNZ National Snooker & Billiards R

16th-17th Barton McGill Billiards (Auckland) R

16th-17th South Island Billiards (Christchurch) R

16th-17th Wellington Open Snooker (Wellington) R

23rd-24th Regional "A" Grade Snooker R

30th-31st Heretaunga Classic Snooker

30th-31st Petone Invitation Snooker Pairs

6th-7th North Island Billiards (Hawkes Bay)

12th-14th South Island Snooker (Southland) R

12th-14th North Island Snooker (Hawkws Bay) R

20th-21st Airpark Under 21's Snooker (Christchurch)

20th-21st City Of Auckland Open Snooker (Auckland) R

27th-28th Hawkes Bay Open Billiards (Hawkes Bay) R

28th-29th Southland Open Snooker (Southland) R


6th-7th National "B" Grade Billiards (Hamilton) Winner: Matt Scarborough

7th-10th National Billiards (Hamilton) R Winner: Gary Oliver

7th-9th National Womens Snooker (Hamilton)

10th-12th National "B" Grade Snooker (Hamilton)

14th-18th National Snooker (Hamilton) R Winner: Henry Killian

25th-26th Waipukurau Pairs (Waipukurau Club) Winners: Andy Heaphy & Jack Lemon

1st-2nd August Capital City Billiards (Porirua) R

1st-2nd Airpark Open Snooker (Christchurch) R

5th-8th ClubsNZ South Island Snooker Pairs (Hornby)

8th-9th Petone Memorial Snooker Singles

15th-16th Otaki Pairs

15th-16th OWMC Open Snooker (Auckland) R

21st-22nd Eco Metals Snooker (Christchurch) R

29th -30th Bay Of Plenty Billiards (Tauranga) R

4th - 6th Clubs NZ Pairs (Petone)

5th-6th Hawkes Bay Open Snooker (Hawkes Bay) R

12th - 13th Mike Walding Snooker Pairs (PoriruaClub)

11th-13th Airpark Open Billiards (Christchurch) R

12th-13th City Of Invercargill Snooker (Southland) R

17th-19th Auckland Open Billiards (Auckland) R

21st-23rd Pacific International Open Billiards (Hamilton) R

24th-27th NZ Open Billiards (Hamilton) R

26th-27th NZ Open Womens Snooker (Auckland)

2nd-4th NZ Open Snooker (Hawkes Bay) R

10th-11th ClubsNZ North Island Pairs (Onehunga)

10th-11th Taranaki Open Snooker (new Plymouth) R

11th Canterbury Womens Snooker (Christchurch)

17th-18th Jim Couper Open Billiards (Porirua) R

17th-18th Petone 50+ Snooker Singles

17th-18th BNZ 3000 Open Snooker (Auckland) R

24th-25th Napier 50+ Pairs

6th-7th Waikato Open Billiards (Hamilton) R

7th-8th Jim Couper Open Snooker (Petone) R

14th-15th Papatoetoe Open Snooker (Papatoetoe) R


5th-6th Waikato Open Snooker (Hamilton) R


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